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Difference between Silver and Gold

Well, as crazy as it sounds, most people don’t actually know HOW much less Silver is worth than Gold. The difference in price is pretty big. For example, right now the price of gold per Oz. is $1,386 and the price of silver per Oz. is hovering around $20. Yeah, there is that much of a difference! A lot of people go into places that buy gold, silver and other metals and expect to be paid gold prices for their silver pieces and end up really surprised and upset with what they hear.

Other than the price difference, gold can also be different colors, but sterling silver pretty much has to stay one color.

Difference between Gold and Platinum

A lot of people love Gold, but for some reason we don’t see as much Platinum. It’s true that platinum is more expensive than gold, but not by a lot at all. For example, the price of Gold per Oz. is around $1,215 and the price of platinum per Oz is around $960.00. Some people also brush off platinum because they think it looks too much like silver, but Platinum is actually so pure, that it does not tarnish the way silver does. So it keeps its quality throughout the years! I got a nice lesson on the difference between gold and platinum from Truval. They seemed really knowledgeable.

Put some focus on Silver!

Too many people are blind sighted by Gold and Gold jewelry, and how awesome it is to own gold as an investment, and hording gold. Not to mention how everyone just loves the way it looks. People love the color, the shine, and how it looks against their skin. We live in the gold generation! But, gold has a few cousins that don’t get nearly as much attention. Those cousins are known as silver and platinum! Those precious metals really can be just as aesthetically nice!

Long story short, I want to dedicate this site to the wonders of Silver and Platinum. How they differ from gold, but can be just as amazing, if not better!

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